Look in the Mirror. What do You See?

Look in the MirrorIt isn’t always easy to look in the mirror and view what’s staring back at you, personally or professionally. But as an automobile dealer, it is beneficial to take an honest look at your dealership from the viewpoint of others. When you do this, you may discover something you never noticed before that requires some fixing.


To help you look in the proverbial mirror, take the time to answer the following questions with brutal honesty. Think of it as a dealership fitness exam … because, after all, providing a place to buy great products is only a small part of the overall equation of a prosperous auto dealership.


A Look in the Mirror

In the last 12 months, list the advertising and marketing “victories” you’ve experienced, and jot down what you did to get to that level of success.


In the past year … two years … three years, how much has your dealership grown in terms of revenue, profit margin, number of employees, etc.?


How do you obtain most of your new customers? (Examples: Specific kinds of advertising, referrals, repeat business, etc.).


How long have you had your average customer? Are most of them “one-and-done” or do they typically come back?


How do you think your dealership is viewed by the people of your community?


What are some of the biggest challenges that keep your dealership from becoming what you’d like it to be?


What do your customers like/dislike most about your dealership? (Examples: the facility itself, the people, your reputation, etc.) What could you do that might offer a solution to the “dislikes” on your list?


Is there something in each of the departments at your dealership you could improve?


Do you know what percentage of income is generated … and how much money is being spent … by each department? Are these numbers in line with where they should be?


Does your dealership offer anything that is truly unique and different from other stores in your area?


How much time each week/each month do you (or someone else) allocate to your advertising and marketing campaigns?


Who is your advertising target advertising audience and what are you offering them to entice them to visit your dealership and/or its Website?


If you have chosen to answer all of the above questions thoughtfully and honestly, what changes and/or improvements do you plan to make based on what you’ve discovered?


Advice from an Advertising Giant

If you don’t immediately have good, solid answers to these questions – especially the ones pertaining to advertising and marketing – call Eric Tigner today at (321) 397-0777. He’ll send you a FREE Extreme Automotive Advertising Makeover for your market and your dealership. You’ll learn how JKR can increase your sales, while at the same time decrease your ad spending and stress level. It’s time for you to look in the mirror and make the necessary changes to become the lead dog in your community.


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