Lincoln Gets Extra Traction from McConaughey MKC Ads

McConaughey MKC AdsWe at JKR Automotive Advertising wonder if Lincoln had any idea that their Matthew McConaughey MKC ads would generate so much residual publicity. His series of advertisements for the luxury brand has now been parodied by at least three major stars.

McConaughey MKC Ads Parodied

The most recent was last Saturday during a broadcast of Saturday Night Live. Comedian Jim Carrey reprised the McConaughey MKC ads in a way that only he could. If you’ve not yet seen them, they can be found here, Carrey’s SNL commercials have quickly gone viral; they got more than two million views in about 48 hours’ time.

Prior to Carrey’s effort, late-night talk show host Conan O’Brien took his turn in September. His parody put a unique spin on McConaughey’s odd musings during the original spot – making them even stranger than the original. Want to check it out? You can here,

The first parody was done by comedienne Ellen DeGeneres, in which she puts herself in the back seat of the MKC and wisecracks her way to a few laughs. It can be seen here,

If you ask the folks at Lincoln, they’ll tell you they are thrilled because this has turned into automotive advertising gold. They say the major premise behind the ads was simply to bring about awareness of the MKC. Mission accomplished! After all, when you attract the attention of three major television entities – and none of them poke fun at the product (only the pitchman) – you’ve done your job. And it comes at a time when Lincoln could use all the positive attention it can get!

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