A “Me Too Dealership” Achieves Only Mediocre Results

Me Too DealershipDon’t let your dealership become a “me too dealership.” If you don’t know what we mean by that, a “me too dealership” is one that looks at what everyone else is doing and tries to emulate it. If one dealership says they have the best prices, the “me too dealership” responds with something similar in their ads. When another dealership talks about having the best service, the “me too dealership” does everything it can to look and sound like the first guy.

Don’t be a “Me Too Dealership”

There is an old cliché that says imitation is the greatest form of flattery. But there’s also another one that says conformity leads to mediocrity … and in the case of the “me too dealership,” this could not be more true! When a dealership’s automotive advertising gets lost in a sea of others in its market, it can only hope to get a mediocre market share because it’s doing essentially what everyone else has done.

In order to stand out from the crowd, you must be willing to do something different – and that’s where JKR Automotive Advertising can help you shine. To be its most effective, your message must contain attention-grabbing copy with a strong call to action. Taking cues from relevant current events, politics and pop culture, JKR finds the perfect balance between serious and humorous messages, invoking a positive reaction from the consumer.

It’s OK to admit that you might be part of a “me too dealership.” What isn’t OK is staying that way, especially when the alternative is right here in front of you. If your automotive advertising could use some help, look no further than JKR Automotive Advertising. After all, everyone is fishing for the same customers – and if your automotive advertising bait is different from everyone else’s, people will take notice! Don’t wait … call Eric Tigner today at (321) 397-0777 and end the madness today! Stop being a “me too dealership” and get the cure for mediocrity.

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