Let an Agency Handle Your Media Buy … and Get Your Own Event Tickets!

Let’s examine a scenario that happens often to a dealer: A radio sales representative will call or stop by a dealership and tell the dealer and/or general manager about an incredible “sports package” they have available. Their ads would run prominently during the “big game” airing on their station – and to top it all off, they’ll throw in four tickets to the game itself!

On the surface, such a media buy seems like a good deal. Too bad that, most of the time, this just isn’t true.

Why not? Media buying is a specialized skill that takes an in-depth understanding of the dealer’s market and the latest industry software, things a dealer doesn’t have. An agency’s buyers, like those at JKR Automotive Advertising, have insight leading to informed decisions on the best ways to allocate a dealer’s ad budget. While one-off projects like a sports package might be beneficial to the dealer’s bottom line, there’s also the possibility it might not be. Without a knowledgeable individual handling the media buy, how would the dealer really know? And even if it is determined to be beneficial, a media buyer could almost assuredly negotiate better rates. JKR spares no expense when it comes to getting the best rates for our clients, including a ratings data subscription to Nielsen, which helps us “buy by the numbers”.

The Bottom Line
So while it might seem cost-effective to handle media buying internally – especially when a carrot like expensive event tickets are tossed in as an incentive to do so – the benefits of hiring an advertising agency like JKR far outweigh any perks you might get from dealing directly with radio station reps. With the money you’d save, you could buy your own tickets, and then some!

If you need assistance with your dealership’s media buy or anything else connected with your overall advertising efforts, our experienced team of professionals are ready to help! With JKR’s assistance, our clients gain a huge competitive edge with innovative on-point creative, vital stats on what’s happening in your media market and, of course, the lowest ad rates of anyone in your area! Call us at (321) 397-0777 to find out more.

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