Millennials Love Radio … and So Should Auto Dealers

MillennialsMillennials are a group about which much has been written and discussed. Why? In terms of sheer numbers, they are now the largest generation in our country. This group (age 18-34) is comprised of about 70 million people, and they are a little different from their predecessors. (Note: Much of today’s blog is taken from research done in this article by the Radio Advertising Bureau.)


They are the first group to be raised during a “digital era”, meaning they receive and process information in different ways than ever before – but as you’ll read later, some things still remain the same. And here’s a stat that will make any car dealer’s antennae go up: Accenture predicts that by 2020, Millennials will spend $1.4 trillion annually in the United States alone. Therefore, it isn’t a stretch to say their opinions matter a lot.


Isn’t this a group of people who should receive your automotive advertising? The answer is a resounding yes! Selling to Millennials requires the ability to reach them on an emotional level. So what’s the best way to deliver your message to them? Despite what we said earlier about being raised in a digital era, research shows that Millennials are starving for new music and don’t have the time or inclination to find it themselves. So where do they get it? You guessed it … radio! The same radio that’s been an advertising mainstay for years.


Millennials Listen in Huge Numbers

About 67 million 18-34 year-olds listen to the radio every week – and they listen for more than 11 hours during that seven-day span! Oh, by the way … don’t believe for a second that radio isn’t as popular with young professionals as it used to be; you should know these stats represent a 10% increase from the year before last!


It’s clear that Millennials use radio to stay connected to the outside world and remain up-to-date on all things new. They listen to it in their cars and at home, and they take it with them wherever they go. Think about this as you advertise your dealership going forward.


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