Examining the Mind of the Ad Consumer

Mind of the Ad ConsumerWhat goes on in the mind of the ad consumer when you advertise your dealership, and they receive the ads? It’s a little more complex than you might think. The human mind – in this case, the mind of the ad consumer – is set up to receive your messages in one of two ways. They can either file it away under long-term memory; or they can file it under their short-term memory. Depending on how and what you’re advertising, a car dealer could go after either of these categories – or even both in some occasions.

If a dealer is looking to brand itself in the market, then they obviously would want the customer to remember the dealership long-term. However, if they are advertising a limited-time big sale, the short-term is the way to go because, obviously, this advertisement is no longer relevant after the sale’s expiration date has come and gone.

The Mind of the Ad Consumer Can be Persuaded

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