More Discontinued Cars: Sedans Continue to Disappear

It’s time to announce more discontinued cars and say goodbye to another cluster of vehicles that won’t live to see the 2020 model year. Once again, the vast majority of them are sedans, as SUVs and crossovers are what most customers want these days.


Buick Lacrosse: Plans were already in place for a redesign in the 2020 model year – and spy photos had even been captured. But sometime in 2019, the Lacrosse will no longer be available in the United States despite being a very popular car in China.


Cadillac ATS: First introduced in 2013, the ATS never really posed much of a threat to its intended competitors such as the Mercedes-Benz C-Class or the BMW 3-Series.


Cadillac CT6: Production of the CT6 will actually continue through the middle of 2019. There are whispers that the GM Detroit-Hamtramck plant will soon be shuttered – the facility in which the CT6 is made. As a result, auto experts surmise the car may be a casualty of the rumored closing. (Somewhat ironically, this is also where the Lacrosse is currently being made.)


Cadillac XTS: The full-size four-door sedan that debuted in 2012 has experienced a drop in sales recently, mirroring the similar plight of other cars in its segment.


Nissan Juke: While sales of the unique and diminutive Juke will continue in Europe, it has been dropped from the American lineup. This decision means the new Kicks now becomes the smallest Nissan crossover.


Chevrolet Cruze: The solid but unspectacular Cruze was Chevy’s offering in the compact car class. In recent years, sales of the Cruze have fallen off; last year alone, Cruze sales fell 26.5 percent.


Chevrolet Impala: Chevrolet is following Ford’s lead, getting away from passenger cars and leaning more toward SUVs and crossovers. Its final production of the legendary Impala will occur in March.


Chevrolet Volt: Once considered an industry trend-setter, General Motors decided to pull the plug on the Volt (sorry … bad joke but we couldn’t help ourselves) despite its innovative Voltec gas-electric powertrain.


Volkswagen Beetle: Production of the Beetle – now in its third generation – will end in July with what the automaker is calling a “Final Edition” … which is expected to elicit memories of the original rear-engine Beetle.


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