Be More Enthusiastic, and Your Employees Will Follow

More EnthusiasticYou can’t just walk up to an employee and tell them they need to be more enthusiastic about their job – and then expect it to immediately happen. In order for them to be enthused, they need a reason – specifically, something that inspires them to be that way.


In a lot of dealerships, ownership and management are disconnected from their employees, and are therefore out of touch. But an enthusiastic leader who is tuned in to the pulse of his/her dealership can make a profoundly positive impression upon the staff. Why?


More Enthusiastic = More Successful

When you are a more enthusiastic leader, staff members will respond. Think about it: who are you more likely to follow, someone with enthusiasm or someone just going through the motions who seems bored or preoccupied with something else?


More enthusiastic leaders are perceived as role models. When you display passion for your work, your staff will pick up on that – and emulate it.


When you display enthusiasm, you will get better performance from your employees. People want to go the extra mile for an enthusiastic employee.

So how do you display this enthusiasm? Be sincere. People are smart enough to know fake enthusiasm when they see it – and this can actually be worse than showing none at all. Keep the focus on your people, and how you can help them become the best employees possible, and they’ll appreciate you for it.


Do your best to create an atmosphere in which people want to work, so they’ll have the same enthusiasm for their work as you – even when they’re having a bad day or aren’t at the top of their game on a particular day.


How do you do all this? When you’re the dealership’s biggest coach (and cheerleader), a natural positive ripple effect follows. And when it does, this contagious excitement will create a whole new vibe at your store.


Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Nothing great was ever accomplished without enthusiasm.” He was right. Give it a try.


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