More Reach and Frequency Makes Auto Advertising Affordable

More Reach and FrequencyRadio advertising offers more reach and frequency for a car dealer for less money than other forms of media. No matter how small your dealership may be, you can afford radio advertising, JKR is the ideal automotive advertising agency to help you with a strategy that fits your needs and budget.

Why More Reach and Frequency?

Because radio advertising is so affordable, it offers you the opportunity for more reach and frequency. It gets better; radio audiences are exceptionally loyal to their favorite stations, which allows automotive dealerships to repeatedly target the same audience … thereby increasing the frequency even more – and pretty much every car has some kind of radio in it!

The affordability also allows a dealership to change their advertising message frequently. For example, dealerships are able to run a pre-Christmas ad up until the holiday itself, then a special year-end spot to take its place after the holidays are over.

Of course, you need the right amounts of reach and frequency, too. Often, it’s better to advertise multiple times to a smaller audience than vice versa.

More reach and frequency is important in radio advertising, as is the advertisement itself. It needs to focus on the things that sell cars. It should focus on only one or two things, so your listening audience will remember what they heard.

A car dealer focus on his strengths when doing radio advertising. If you are more scattershot with the way you advertise, you will have difficulty establishing a brand identity. It’s much better if you become known as the authority or expert in your market for something. Consistency breeds success; inconsistency breeds confusion.

If you’re not currently advertising on radio, what are you waiting for? JKR Automotive Advertising will not only help you get the most bang for your buck, we also have the software and experience in place to ensure you get what you paid for. How many other agencies go the extra mile for their clients like that? Call us at (321) 397-0777 and ask for Eric Tigner to find out more.

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