It Takes More Than Branding to Sell Cars

More Than BrandingToday’s blog is not meant to say that branding isn’t important. Your potential customers definitely need to know who you are and what you’re all about. But guess what? Every other dealership in your market has also spent considerable time and energy doing the exact same thing. So just like the title indicates … it takes more than branding to sell cars (or any other product).


Why it Takes More Than Branding

There’s an old adage in sales that is absolutely true: Win the Heart and the Mind Will Follow. In other words, if you can create an emotional bond with your customers (and come across as sincere while doing so), you’re going to make more sales than the guy down the street. It can be done through your advertising by making them laugh, giving them the hope of improving themselves (through a new car) or any number of other ways. When you make your customers feel something meaningful, it creates value far beyond the price of a 30- or 60-second radio or TV spot.


Better still, if you can consistently do this through your ads, you can count on being the dealer of choice not only today but well into the future. See, even though there isn’t any way to know exactly when a consumer is going to be in the market for a car, you do know this one thing: at some point in the next few years, almost everyone old enough to drive will be searching for one. Guess which dealership is going to get the Website visit, phone call and/or personal visit? Yep … the one that has created a positive bond with the people in its market. That can be you, with the help of JKR Automotive Advertising.


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