Most Stolen SUVs List Announced by the NICB

Most Stolen SUVsEach year, the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) releases a list of the Most Stolen SUVs. This year’s list is based on 2011-2013 model year SUVs and crossover vehicles, and it shows a total of 27,211 stolen vehicles.

If you own a Ford, you might want to keep a special watch on your SUV or crossover, as they took the first three spots in the list. The three vehicles most coveted by auto thieves are the Escape (1,421), followed next by the Edge (1140) and the Explorer (958.) Interestingly, the Jeep Grand Cherokee was the only vehicle in the traditional SUV category to make the list. 

Most Stolen SUVs Statistical Breakdown

The NICB also broke these statistics down in a number of other ways. When looked at by category, the thieves unquestionably preferred the crossover (CUV) segment. It is broken down into compact, mid-size, large and premium classes. The compact CUV segment had the most thefts with 6.981, followed by large CUV (3,206) and mid-size (3,204).

CUVs occupy five of the ten spots on the Most Stolen SUVs list, with the Ford Escape, Nissan Rogue, Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV4 and Chevrolet Equinox all making the Top Ten.

Breaking the thefts down by state, California was the runaway winner with 3,531, followed by Florida with 1,897. Not far behind the Sunshine State were Michigan (1,834) and Texas (1,686); and New Jersey finished fifth at 1,577.

Most Stolen SUVs Top 10 List

Here is the complete Most Stolen SUVs list:

Make/Model                          Class                   # of Thefts

Ford Escape                        Compact CUV        1,421

Ford Edge                             CUV                          1,140

Ford Explorer                       Large CUV                958

Jeep Grand Cherokee       Large SUV                912

Kia Sorento                          CUV                            725

Chevrolet Traverse             Large CUV                 720

Nissan Rogue                     Compact CUV           695

Honda CR-V                         Compact CUV           688

Toyota RAV4                         Compact CUV           665

Chevrolet Equinox              Compact CUV            648