New GM Automotive Advertising Campaign

General Motors

A new GM Automotive Advertising Campaign to promote its 2014 pickups, the GMC Sierra and Chevy Silverado, will be announced in the coming months. General Motors estimates $3 to $4 billion has been invested to redesign the these pickups, their engines, and many factory options. This latest design shift is considered perhaps the most important product launch since GM was restructured in 2009.

Focus of New GM Automotive Advertising Campaign

The new GM automotive advertising campaign will focus on the trucks’ virtues and new features. The new trucks are feature-rich and are available with a choice of three engines; a heavy-duty 6.2-liter V8; a 5.3-liter V8; and a newly designed, truck-worthy 4.2-liter V6. Each engine features “active fuel management that enables the vehicle to transition seamlessly in stop-and-go traffic from 8-cylinder mode to 4-cylinder mode and back again as the load requires, saving a significant amount of gas.” Another key innovation is the new biofuel option that enables switching from burning gasoline to a much more environmentally friendly natural gas.

An additional safety feature is the lane departure warning system, which will vibrate the driver’s seat if the truck wanders out of its lane. Also, a forward collision warning system shakes the driver’s seat in the event an obstacle ahead poses a threat, and requires the driver to take immediate action.

New GM Automotive Advertising Campaign: Texas Pride is Profitable

The Lone Star State will be the primary test-bed when the trucks are introduced, with 50% of production allocated to Texas. Texas Silverado buyers seem favor the Silverado Texas Edition, an option that costs an extra $2,000. It’s presented with a Texas Edition badge on the Silverado, chrome accents and 20-inch wheels. On descending rough terrain and off-road environments, the Silverado Z71 can negotiate down embankments at a safe, controlled speed.

Exterior design changes are relatively subtle; the rumor is Chevy wanted more evolution than revolution.  However, interior and cabin changes are markedly different, with reports indicating the new cabin is significantly quieter and roomier, with an additional two inches of rear seat legroom.

Expect the new truck announcement to provide a big boost in automotive advertising

Advertising giant Leo Burnett is handling the Silverado’s automotive advertising and released the following statement: “Although our relationship with GM dates all the way back to 1967, this day will certainly go down in the history of this very important partnership. While no specific budget was announced, we expect it will be BIG.”