Urge New Managers to Constantly Learn

New ManagersEvery now and then, new managers are needed at auto dealerships. Maybe someone left for another opportunity … or a team leader just wasn’t getting the job done and a change was simply necessary. Whatever the case, new managers are instantly on the spot when they take over from their predecessors.


When you decide to promote someone from within your organization as a reward for a job well-done or hire someone from the outside, it’s of utmost importance that any new manager is able to hit the ground running almost immediately. After all, managers are essentially the quarterbacks of their departments – and if you’re a fan of football, you know that most teams lacking a good quarterback typically don’t win a whole lot of games.


New Managers Make Instant Impact

What makes a good quarterback – and a good manager? It’s a special combination of skill and leadership. Because great managers come from all walks of life and each has his/her unique personality, no two are exactly alike. To be a good leader, you don’t necessarily have to be overly verbose; instead, you can lead by example and work harder than anyone else – and treat coworkers and staff with respect. The skills part is simple … take advantage of the things you do best, and enlist the help of those around you who can help you overcome your weaknesses. Oh, and by the way, learn from those people so that, in time, you can turn those weaknesses into strengths.


In a related note, new managers should view every chance to learn something new as an opportunity. They should read books, attend seminars and lean on the wisdom and experience of people they view as positive mentors. This is why you should urge all your new managers to keep looking for knowledge and never become complacent.


Great quarterbacks are always excellent decision makers, too. Learning how to avoid panic in the face of adversity is something that is learned over time. When the quarterback (think: the coach on the field) doesn’t panic, neither does the rest of the team.


Here is the bottom line: While it is an auto dealer’s responsibility to identify, promote and train their best employees at every level, it’s still the responsibility of each individual employee to do what they can do develop themselves as professionals. The ones who do this will ultimately become the MVP-type quarterback that everyone wants on their team.


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