Print Newsletters Aren’t Dead Yet!

Newsletters Aren't DeadDespite what many “experts” might tell you, print automotive newsletters aren’t dead. We could tell you there’s no substitute for ensuring the customer sees it (everyone regularly checks their mail) … and they can pick up an automotive newsletter and put it down at their leisure. We could tell you that studies show a print newsletter is more believable, which means more credibility for the dealership. We could even tell you that just the right service specials can help the dealer recoup much, if not all, of its cost.


But for the purposes of this blog, let’s focus on the benefits of print versus online newsletters. Today’s consumer is inundated with e-mail newsletters on an all-too-frequent basis. It’s very easy to look at them in your Inbox and think to yourself, “Is this safe to open, and even if it is, do I really need it?” More often than not, the answer is no … and in an instant, with a click of the “delete” key the newsletter is gone forever, having been sent to the “Recycle Bin”.

Why Print Newsletters Aren’t Dead

Let’s now compare that to a print newsletter a customer receives in his/her mailbox. These arrive much less frequently, and customers do look at them – and they’ll examine a newsletter very closely if there’s something in it for them (if it informs them, educates them, entertains them or saves them money).


About 15 or 20 years ago, sending an e-mail newsletter was “out-of-the-box” thinking. Today, it’s role reversal, as most dealerships have some sort of e-mail correspondence they send their customers. Nowadays, if you want to think out of the proverbial box and do something unique, produce a print automotive newsletter and mail it to your customer base. As long as the publication is attractive and reader-friendly, it will produce results; your customers will find them to be a refreshing change from the tidal wave of e-newsletters they regularly receive.


Oh, and by the way, one last thing to remember: it is, in fact, a newsletter and not a sales piece. A few coupons are great and can be very profitable, and even a profile of the latest and greatest new car you’re selling can be interesting to your customers. But the ultimate goal of these newsletters is to keep customers up-to-date on everything at your dealership, and make them think of your store first the next time they need to purchase or service a vehicle. It should not be an in-your-face sales piece, or it will not be successful.


Print newsletters aren’t dead yet; in fact, they’re alive and well! Let JKR Automotive Advertising be the catalyst that drives your dealership’s auto newsletter campaign. Our expert staff takes care of everything from beginning to end … story ideas, writing, design, photos, printing, publishing and fulfillment! To find out more about what JKR Automotive Advertising’s newsletter program can do for your dealership, please call (321) 397-0777.


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