The NFL Rules the Automotive Advertising World

nfl-rulesIn the world of automotive advertising, the NFL rules. During last year’s football calendar, carmakers spent more than any other industry despite the cost of spots during NFL games being the highest ever – and it wasn’t even close, as they spent about three times more than the next-closest category (fast food restaurants). And if you gauge things by the beginning of this season, it certainly appears that this trend will continue.


Why the NFL Rules

We have done blogs on Super Bowl advertising in the past, but as you’ll see in today’s edition, regular-season games net the NFL a tidy sum, too! According to this article in Automotive News, the costliest spot is the primetime 30-second spot during NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” broadcasts. If you want to take advantage of a huge nationwide audience, you’d better be ready to pony up $717,375 per unit. Nielsen’s live same-day data used during last season yielded figures of 22.5 million viewers and a 13.0 household rating, so you can see why these half-minute time slots are so desirable. More impressive still was this: the NFL ratings were up five percent, while numbers for TV’s top-rated drama and comedy, The Walking Dead and The Big Bang Theory, fell 14 and 15 percent, respectively.


Meanwhile, spot prices during FOX and CBS Sunday afternoon NFL games can fluctuate quite a bit, due to the time slot, who’s playing, the household penetration and the market size; but the prices can range from four to five hundred thousand dollars. What about ESPN’s Monday Night Football? Those run about $465,000 each. Finally, the Thursday night CBS games are going for about $560,000 a pop.


Which automakers spent the most? The top five include Toyota, at $106.2 million, followed by Ford at $103.9 million, Chevrolet at $86.2 million, Nissan at $81.4 million and Hyundai at $59 million.  


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