New NHTSA Chief Administrator to be Named Soon

NHTSA Chief AdministratorA new NHTSA Chief Administrator will be named very soon. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has been operating with Deputy Administrator David Friedman at the helm since January, when David Strickland resigned to take a position with a Washington-based law firm.

Anthony Foxx is the U.S. Transportation Secretary, and he is in charge of finding a permanent replacement – and he says we can expect movement on this in the near future. That would be a good thing, because Friedman’s 210-day temporary time limit as NHTSA Chief Administrator has expired. 

NHTSA Chief Administrator: A Tough Job

Those in Washington understand the need for a new NHTSA Chief Administrator, as it is very difficult for one person to do both jobs for a long period of time. In addition, Friedman’s power is limited as acting administrator because of his perceived “lame-duck” status.

The NHTSA is the federal agency responsible for regulating traffic and vehicle safety. Its mission to “save lives, prevent injuries and reduce economic costs” related to road traffic accidents is approached through a three-fold strategy of public education and funding, research and safety standards, and investigations/enforcement. It deals with topics from safety defects, crash testing and accident statistics to child seats, teen driving and pedestrians.

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