NICE Advertisements Yield Big Results

NiceCar dealers need NICE advertisements to sell the most cars. These days, there are countless other dealerships in your market vying for the attention of the same people you’re hoping to attract. As a result, getting your commercials noticed isn’t always easy. Want to know if your ad stands out in the sea of others? Give it the N.I.C.E. test and you’ll be able to tell.


What Makes a NICE Ad?

N = Newsworthy. If your advertisement is newsworthy, guess what happens? People will tell someone else. This results in word-of-mouth advertising – exactly what you want. When you produce commercials that get people talking about you in a positive manner, you have something special.


I = Interesting. Consumers aren’t going to bother spending too much time looking at (or listening to) your advertisement if you don’t give them a reason to do so. We’re all inundated with countless advertisements every day … so we’ll ignore the ones we don’t find of any interest to us.


C = Creative. As you brainstorm, you must keep your target audience in mind; use sound and special effects where warranted; get the audience’s attention immediately; and whatever you decide to do, make sure it’s memorable.


E = Entertaining. This one meshes somewhat with the creative aspect of things; but remember this: the advertisement must be entertaining for the right reasons. If it’s over-the-top creepy, offensive or just plain outrageous, you might be remembered in a negative light by those in your community.


Do these advertising elements sound risky? They are, to a degree … but it’s even more of a risk to continue running advertisements that are just like everyone else’s. When you do that, you become a “me, too” dealership and you’ll never be top-of-mind with your market’s consumers.


FREE Advertising Review

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