Nielsen Data: Radio Still Very Powerful for Advertising

Nielsen DataRecent Nielsen data linked to media usage has revealed some surprising results; ones that may change the way many people think about Millennials and their media-consuming habits. The ones germane to car dealers are presented here in this blog.


This article in Media Life Magazine does a tremendous job of laying the groundwork for this topic. It begins by establishing what most people believe, which is that Millennials (defined in the article as those in the 18-34 age bracket) are practically glued to their smartphones. It also goes on to say that many perceive radio is a medium primarily for the older generation, who can’t – or don’t want to – use more technological alternatives. But facts show that these judgments are not entirely spot-on!

Nielsen Data: Eye-Opening Stats

While it is true that Millennials do use their portable devices a great deal, it is also accurate to say that more Millennials actually listen to AM/FM radio than use smartphones. Specifically, a whopping 93 percent listen to radio on a weekly basis, compared to just 80 percent who use the phones.


Why are all the misconceptions out there? First, the advent of technology is admittedly a staple of today’s Millennial, but technology isn’t the only option out there for young people. Radio is just about the most convenient form of media you can find. Need entertainment in the car? It’s there for you. Want to drown out the surface noise at work? It’s available to you. Want to catch the news, traffic or weather report before you leave work? It’s ready for you.


In addition, radio has the unique ability to target specific audiences. Because it is extremely cost-effective when compared to other automotive advertising options, radio also affords auto dealerships the ability to dominate their market with their store’s message with great reach and frequency.


So what do you think of radio advertising now, after seeing the Nielsen data? Not too shabby … an affordable way to advertise; a captive audience; and a specific audience of people you want to target. Call Eric Tigner today at (321) 397-0777 to discover how to get started, and we’ll give you a FREE advertising review for your efforts.


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