Nielsen Stats Support Radio Advertising

Some recent Nielsen stats show that, despite the recent advancements in technology, AM/FM radio continues to have a huge impact on the lives of almost everyone in this great country of ours. Culled from the Second-Quarter Nielsen Total Audience Report, here are some of the most interesting stats that are of interest to an automobile dealer … showing why radio advertising remains a powerful tool to attract customers and ultimately, sell more cars.


∙ AM/FM radio reaches 93% of adults in the United States


∙ More than two-thirds of AM/FM radio consumption happens outside the home (closer to the point of purchase when shopping)


∙ About two-thirds of Americans listen to the radio away from home during the 6am to 7pm time period; peak time is 3pm to 7pm


∙ The average commute to work – a premium time for radio listening – is 26 minutes (one-way)


∙ Americans spend 87% of their listening time on their three favorite stations


∙ 76% of radio listeners are between 18-64 years of age – and are in the workforce


As Nielsen correctly puts it: For advertisers, these are critical insights because they provide details about when they can engage with an attentive audience — an audience that spends nearly 2 hours and 45 minutes with the medium and has disposable income.


With AM/FM radio advertising also being one of the most affordable ways for an automobile dealer to market itself, it is clear that radio offers great bang for the proverbial buck. Better still, with all the available station formats available, we can help you choose the ones that will work best for the cars and services offered by your dealership.



An affordable way to advertise; a captive audience; people ready to buy; and a specific audience of consumers you want to target. This is just some of what you get when you choose radio! Call Eric Tigner today at (321) 397-0777. JKR offers a free automotive marketing review … let us show you how we’ll improve what you’re currently doing. You’ll be amazed at the valuable information you’ll receive when you ask for yours.


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