Nielsen Stats: Radio and TV Advertising Remain Strong

Nielsen StatsNielsen stats don’t lie. This year’s “2016 Q1 Comparable Metrics” survey once again shows that radio and television remain powerful tools for advertisers – including auto dealers. Let’s go to the pertinent stats.

93% of all adults listen to radio during a typical week, while 88% watch television. These numbers are pretty much unchanged from the last Nielsen study, and these numbers represent just about everyone – which is pretty hard to beat.

Additionally, the average adult spends more than 13 hours per week listening to radio, while that number escalates to over 35 hours per week when television is the media option of choice.

The Nielsen stats from the aforementioned survey, an in-depth study of users and usage – aligns methodology and metrics to display an apples-to-apples view of consumption. The core purpose addresses three concepts: how many (think: reach); how often (number of days per week adults access a particular media platform); and how long (amount of time a person is engaged in each platform).

These Nielsen Stats Can Benefit You

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