No Automotive Sales Sharks


Meet Sharky Finn, the world’s most obnoxious and aggressive salesman.

Created to comically contrast the difference between unscrupulous and ethical car salesmen, Sharky has just made its debut in the Louisville market with Big M Chevrolet. The tag line to the campaign is No Sharks! For those interested in seeing Sharky’s debut, go to Youtube to see him in action.

Standing at nearly 6 feet tall, Sharky has all the characteristics of a shady stereotype: ill-fitting dark blue pinstripe suit; a flashy Rolex; a gold tooth and a leering grin. His fully articulated facial muscles are servo controlled, a live actor inside the shark suit enables it to walk for short distances and also articulates the upper torso creating comedic body language.

Designed in collaboration with Hands-In-Art, founded in 1999 by John Kennedy, Max Blanchard, and Michael Lanza, and located in Winter Garden, Florida, Sharky was constructed by John Kennedy, a veteran puppeteer who got his start in the craft with Jim Henson over 20 years ago. John is still with the Henson organization where he currently plays the lead character Apollo a lime green dog on Jim Henson’s Pajanimals televised on the Sprout Cable Channel.

Entirely conceived and manufactured using local resources, much of Sharky’s innards were acquired at Graves R/C, a top supplier to remote control hobbyists locally and nationally via their website.

Sharky is available to advertisers on a market-by-market basis where there is no conflict of interest.