“There is not Enough Time!”

Not Enough TimeQuite often there just is not enough time in the day for an automotive dealer. There is always something (or someone) demanding your attention from the moment you set foot in your store until the second you leave. If it’s not an inventory issue, it’s something having to do with personnel. If it’s not that, it’s probably some kind of paperwork thing or maybe even a customer who is in need of special attention.

When all this happens, it’s pretty difficult to put your best foot forward when it comes to your advertising and marketing efforts. “There just is not enough time,” you tell yourself.

You may very well be right … but that certainly doesn’t mean your store’s advertising and marketing should suffer as a result. When things are going well, you just kind of ignore the situation, because you think you don’t need advertising, anyway. When things are slower, you’re more preoccupied with getting every penny you can out of smaller number of customers you do have.

Not Enough Time? Let JKR Help!

For any client, regardless of size, JKR Automotive Advertising is the perfect solution for the dealer with not enough time to pay attention to his advertising the way he should. But when you call Eric Tigner today at (321) 397-0777, you’ll learn all about what JKR can do for you in the form of a FREE advertising review. All it takes is a short phone conversation, and before long you’ll have a new wealth of knowledge about your dealership and media market.

Once you contact us, we become your strategic partner … and we do all the work to make your dealership look its best. There’s a reason why JKR has more than 120 clients in nearly 90 media markets. Our company slogan says it all.

JKR Automotive Advertising: We Move Cars.