What if They’re Not Ready to Buy Today?

Not ReadyIn addition to customers eager to purchase cars today, you also need to advertise to those who are not ready just yet. If you do it the right way, you might trigger something in the mind of a person who knows they will be in the market for a vehicle in the near future – or if nothing else, you can begin planting a seed in the mind of individuals or families who will someday need a new car, truck or SUV (and of course, that’s almost everyone).


Let’s examine the mindset of someone not ready to buy, but almost there. There’s a good chance they’ve recently had a major auto repair bill or two. Perhaps their vehicle just passed the 100,000-mile mark. Maybe their new-car warranty just expired. It could even be that their car doesn’t look or perform like it used to. Whatever the reason, at this stage of the game the person realizes they’re going to need a new vehicle sometime in the future.


Not Ready Yet, But Soon!

They know they’re not under any pressure to buy a vehicle today, but all of a sudden a car dealership’s advertisements are far more relevant to them than they were, say, six or eight months ago. And when even more time passes, there will come a time when they have a major breakdown, a long road trip coming up, a safety issue or other concern that takes them over the edge and makes them say, “That’s it. It’s time to get a new car!” (It could even be something good, like a bonus or raise at work.)


It happens at different times for different people – and it could be for any number of reasons, but it does indeed happen.


If you’ve been consistently advertising to a person like this, where do you think they’ll go? Where do you want them to go?


So even if they are not ready today, proceed as if they will be ready tomorrow!


Complimentary Advertising Review

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