An Automotive Advertising Agency Offers Objectivity

ObjectivityAn automotive advertising agency is important for many reasons, but this blog is going to focus on the fact that retaining an agency ensures that you have total objectivity. Well, there is one caveat to that … you can’t hire an agency full of “yes men” and expect to have objectivity.


The best automotive advertising agencies bring a unique approach, and they aren’t afraid to tell their client when they disagree with something (and back up their statement with good reasons and research). This typically doesn’t happen when a dealership’s advertising is done in-house – and it is not difficult to see why.


Here’s our point: auto dealers are heavily involved in their company, its products and the goings-on in their media market(s). How can anyone be expected to look at things objectively in that light? So … while the in-house agency will present the dealer’s products in the way they see them, a savvy automotive agency like JKR Advertising will show the products in such a way that it’s how the consumer sees them – and they respond accordingly.


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The bottom line? Objectivity does matter in automotive advertising, and JKR’s real-world automotive advertising experience means everything to our clients.


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