Don’t Worry if Your Ads Offend Someone

When choosing the style of ad you want to air in support of your dealership, resist the temptation to worry that you might inadvertently offend someone every now and again. Why?  First, your advertisements are created to motivate consumers to purchase a vehicle or service from you, and to do that you must create emotion in their minds. So it’s only natural that, every once in a while, you’ll come across a person who finds some kind of issue with your commercial. But one or two people misinterpreting your message isn’t bad; it’s only when you get a slew of calls and/or messages that you should be concerned.


Next, if you worry too much about hurting people’s feelings, you may err so much on the side of caution that you end up with a dull, mundane production that has no chance to move the proverbial needle. If you want your ads to stand tall in the crowd, they must stand out.


Finally, don’t forget this: there is a group of individuals in your market right now who, consciously or otherwise, are just looking for reasons to be offended. How can we be so sure about this? Because they’re in every market! It’s almost as if it’s their second job. They become so adept at it that they can multi-task, enabling them to be offended at three or four things at one time! But here’s the thing: these are people who likely weren’t going to buy a car from you in the first place! Consider this, too: Do you remember what the masses were outraged about as recently as, say, last week? Yeah, we don’t either. Even if you offend someone today, they’ll forget all about it when the next “offensive” thing arises.


You can feel pretty confident you have a powerful advertisement when you get a small amount of backlash from your community. But again, we repeat: a small amount. As mentioned earlier, don’t go so far overboard that you offend the majority of consumers. We are not saying that at all … we’re merely pointing out that it’s OK if you ruffle a few feathers every now and then.



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