It’s OK to Offend a Few When Speaking to the Masses

OffendAs you make the choice of what advertisements hit the airwaves for your dealership, don’t be afraid that your commercials might offend someone every so often. We say this for a few reasons.


First, an automobile commercial of any kind is created to persuade the listener/viewer to purchase a vehicle from you – and therefore is designed to create emotion in people. You may get a person every now and again who reacts negatively to your ad. Having one or two people misinterpret your message isn’t the end of the world.


Second, if you are so worried about hurting someone’s feelings, your advertisements could very well end up being so boring that no one will pay attention to them. If you want your ads to stand tall in the crowd, they must stand out.


Finally – and perhaps most important – there is a cluster of people in your market (and they’re in every market) who are just looking for reasons to be offended. It’s what they do. They are so good at it they can multi-task, enabling them to be offended at three or four things at once. In all likelihood, these are people who weren’t going to buy a car from you, anyway! And here’s something else to consider: Do you remember what people were outraged about as recently as, say, last week? Yeah, we don’t either. So even if they’re upset today, they’ll forget all about it when the next “offensive” thing pops up.


Don’t Be Afraid to Offend

The bottom line is, you’ll know you have a great advertisement when you get a small amount of backlash from your community. But again, we repeat: a small amount. We don’t want you to go so far overboard that you offend the majority of consumers. We are not saying that at all … we’re merely pointing out that it’s OK if you offend a few people from time to time.



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