Don’t Ignore Online Feedback from Your Customers

Online FeedbackThere is a very good reason why you should not ignore online feedback from your customers – good or bad. In today’s car-buying world, quite often the Internet is the first contact a prospective customer will have with your dealership; in other words, their first (and most important) impression of your dealership will be formed right there!


Something else to think about: In 2000, customers made about five trips to auto dealerships prior to purchasing a vehicle. Today, that number is about 1.4 visits! That is clear, obvious proof that people are going online before setting foot into a showroom … and to further back the point, statistics show nine out of 10 car shoppers do, in fact, visit the Internet first.


Online Feedback Matters!

You are able to put exactly what you want on your Website, so you don’t have to worry about that particular facet of your online advertising. But what about all your Social Media sites, where reviews can be left for others to see? These are the ones that require your regular attention!


Here’s why: About three-quarters of consumers say they are influenced by online reviews! That means if you’re not paying attention to these reviews, you could be costing yourself business – and you will never know about it, or know why a prospective customer decided to go somewhere else!


When you take care of customers and respond to online feedback, you stand a much better chance of being in consideration for the 1.4 dealerships that customers will physically visit. Additionally, those three-quarters of customers who are influenced by online reviews will come away with a positive feeling about your store!


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