Orr Kia, New JKR Client, Experiences Monster July

Orr KiaOrr Kia of Shreveport Bossier, LA is one of JKR Automotive Advertising’s new clients, and we are thrilled to have them as part of our dealership family. We at JKR are pleased to report that Orr Kia (led by new General Manager Josh Knight) has experienced immediate, tremendous growth in their first month as our client.

Orr Kia July Numbers are Astounding

From January to June of this year, Orr Kia of Shreveport Bossier averaged 42 new car sales per month. In July, their first month as JKR clients, they sold a whopping 106 new Kias. That’s a 252% increase over the yearly average!


“We are extremely pleased to be able to help Orr Kia lift their sales numbers so dramatically,” said JKR Partner Jeff Johnson, who also serves as Account Executive for Orr Kia. “Based on the market data, we knew there was potential for them to sell a lot more cars – and that is exactly what happened. It’s onward and upward from here!”


You may ask, what changed between June and July? What is JKR’s secret? Why is JKR the automotive advertising unfair advantage? It isn’t just any one thing; it’s a number of things working in concert with each other … and you’ll have to call us and find out!


Imagine being able to return your entire focus back to your customers and your employees, knowing that your advertisements are the best in the market – and your ad rates are the lowest. JKR Automotive Advertising can help you do that, and a lot more.

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