Don’t Overstuff Commercials with Information

Overstuff CommercialsResist the urge to overstuff commercials with information. You may have the largest dealership facility, the biggest inventory, the most knowledgeable salespeople, the greatest cars and the most responsive service staff in your market (or at least some of them). So how do you get all that information into one advertisement, where you have a very finite amount of time to get your message across to potential consumers? The answer is … you don’t. If you try to overstuff commercials, you could end up leaving your audience bored and bewildered – the exact opposite of what you really want to do.


In each of your ads, limit the subject matter to one or two things that make your dealership the best, and stick with those throughout the production. Depending on what you choose to run, you have a scant 15, 30 or 60 seconds to make your point, present an offer, and properly close your ad. (If you have co-op stipulations to which you must adhere, you have even less time to make the case for your dealership.)


If you overstuff commercials – telling your audience about too many things – there is never a chance for the viewer/listener to focus on any one thing. But when you limit your commercials to one or two key details, the audience responds. They are able to concentrate on your message because your commercial has retained its focus. As long as you get the consumer to effectively think about what’s in your ad, it doesn’t matter that they don’t yet know about the other positives at your dealership … because they’ll get such a good reaction from it they’ll believe the rest of your dealership is just as great.


The End of Overstuffed Commercials

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