JKR Partners Meet Pandora Founder Tim Westergren in California

Pictured (left to right): JKR Partners Jon Albert and Jeff Johnson; Pandora Founder Tim Westergren; and JKR Partners Richard Brauns and Kevin Baumann.

This week, JKR Partners Jeff Johnson, Kevin Baumann, Richard Brauns and Jon Albert took a trip to San Francisco for a meeting with Pandora Founder Tim Westergren at the digital radio giant’s headquarters there. JKR is a big believer in advertising with Pandora, the largest digital radio service in the world – to the point where it is the top Pandora advertising agency in advertising volume for local dealerships in the United States.


Pandora’s business model is ideal for automotive advertising. Using the “Music Genome Project” algorithm developed by Westergren, Pandora is able to capture every listener’s demographic information.


“This allows them to offer their clients audiences that are specifically targeted, and in addition, the results are verifiable,” said JKR Senior Partner Richard Brauns. “Pandora’s Media Rating Council accreditation allows our media buyers to evaluate Pandora equally with analog radio stations – and the results are impressive.”


The JKR Partners and Westergren discussed the bright future of Pandora and their continued partnership. According to statistics compiled by the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB), 92.8% of everyone age 12 and above listen to radio each week; and the average American listens to about 14 hours of radio on a weekly basis. How does Pandora come in to play? About 60% listen to traditional AM/FM radio, so that leaves the remaining 40%? A great deal of those listen to digital radio – specifically Pandora and its competitors, and this is where Pandora shines, as it has more subscribers than all its competitors combined.


Here’s something else to think about: As time goes by, more and more people are depending on their mobile devices for information and entertainment. Studies show that those who listen to Pandora via their mobile devices to so on an average of 22 hours per month (and that’s doesn’t include them tuning in using other ways). In addition, Pandora is extremely popular among Hispanics, where many of the major automakers are realizing their biggest source of growth.


“Pandora is a terrific way for an auto dealer to send their message to like-minded individuals,” Brauns said. “That’s why JKR is such a big proponent of Pandora … and why we often recommend to our clients that it be part of their advertising strategy. Meeting Tim Westergren in person has only solidified this belief.”


These are all important factors, but to get the most out of a Pandora campaign you must have media buyers who know what – and how – to purchase it in a way that makes sense. Buying the right number of spots – at the right times – targeted to the right audience – gives you the best chance to succeed.


Let Pandora Work for You

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