Using Persuasion Tactics to Your Advantage

Persuasion Why are an auto dealership’s persuasion tactics so important? I remember once reading a quote attributed to the folks at Advertising Age that has stuck with me over the years. It goes like this: In very few instances do people really know what they want, even when they say they do.


When you think about it, there is a lot of truth to that statement – especially in the automotive business. How many times do your salespeople encounter customers that come in and know exactly what they want – and tell you precisely what they’re thinking? We feel pretty confident saying that this probably doesn’t happen a whole lot. And even when they do know what they’re looking for they are hesitant to tell you, for fear of giving up some “negotiating power”.


This is where those persuasion tactics come into play. A car dealership must rely on more than just the automobile itself to make a sale; instead, they must sell an entire experience. Automotive advertising plays a big part in the process.


Examples of Persuasion Tactics

What are some effective persuasion tactics dealerships use?


∙ Logic: Using data to show why a customer should buy from your dealership.


∙ Trust: Showing that your dealership is honest and has integrity, because there others out there who lack these qualities.


∙ Emotion: When you create feelings of exhilaration and fun, this can often override everything else. Remember the saying, “Win the heart and the mind will follow?” It’s absolutely true. Emotion-causing advertising tools could include things such as romantic imagery, action, music, stereotypes, humor, presenting the unexpected, or even a celebrity endorsement.


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