Tilt the Playing Field in Your Favor!

Playing FieldIn sports and business, people always talk about being able to compete on a level playing field with the opposition. As an automotive dealer, is that what you really want – just the chance to have a sporting chance to land some customers?


What if there was a way to actually tilt the playing field in your favor, so you’re moving forward with momentum while the other guys fight an uphill battle? It would certainly make things easier for you and your employees.


Everything Changes When the Playing Field is Different

Imagine being able to return your focus to your customers and your employees instead of wondering how and when you’re going to find time for your advertising. Would it not be great to know your advertisements are the most interesting in the market; and best of all, your ad rates are also the lowest? JKR Automotive Advertising can make all this happen, and a lot more.


If JKR Automotive Advertising did not know how to positively impact a dealership’s sales and profitability, we would not have 110-plus clients in more than 80 markets. Dealers who depend on us never have to make knee-jerk reactions to every peak and valley that happens at their stores.


When our clients retain us as their agency, a strategic partnership is formed, long-range plans are implemented, and adjustments are made whenever necessary.



After reading this blog, you may be just a bit skeptical. We understand. That’s why want you to put us to the test. To that end, we’re offering a FREE advertising review. Call Eric Tigner at (321) 397-0777 and we’ll get right to work for you – with no obligation on your part. Our review not only includes an evaluation of your current advertising campaigns, it also provides you with inside information on what your competitors are doing, too. When you think about it, this alone is worth contacting us! Call us with great expectations, and JKR Automotive Advertising will not disappoint; instead, we’ll tilt the playing field in your favor!


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