Pros and Cons of Super Bowl Advertising

Pros and ConsThe folks at Media Life magazine recently published an interesting article on the pros and cons of advertising during the Super Bowl. In addition to Hyundai and Kia, who announced their intention to advertise during the big game almost immediately, Mini, Acura and Honda have also thrown their hats into the ring. Did they make the right decision to spend $5 million on one spot? You can make your own decision using the stats below.


Pros and Cons: Worth the Cost?

Pro: Though it is $5 million to advertise, the audience is about 10 times the viewership of any other program that airs regularly on broadcast TV. When that is factored in, $5 million is actually a pretty good deal.


Con: No matter how many people see your spot, $5 million is far too much money to spend at one time, on one airing.


Pro: Brand recognition is part of the overall allure of the Super Bowl. After the game is over, everyone is still talking about the Super Bowl ads, giving advertisers an extra word-of-mouth advertising push. This is especially good for companies who are not big-name entities.


Con: Some would argue that people aren’t actually watching the ads for their advertising value; instead, they will be judged on whether they are funny, entertaining or poignant.


Pro: After the game is over, the Super Bowl spots typically turn up all over social media sites.


Con: Often, Super Bowl ads miss an important element. In trying to convince the public how cool and hip a company is, they often forget to give the viewer a reason to purchase their product or service.


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