Psychographics Explain Why Customers Buy Their Cars

PsychographicsDon’t forget psychographics when you advertise! Most folks are aware of what demographics are to some degree – you know, things like gender, age, marital status, number of kids, status of homeownership, income and the like. These are obvious things that must be taken into consideration when advertising – but that’s really only half the battle. There are other things that should be factors, too – and those fall under the category of psychographics.


What are psychographics? The term goes a little beyond demographics, examining the target audience’s behaviors, lifestyle and, as the name indicates, their overall psychology. So while the demographic information tells you who it is that might be buying your cars, the psychographic data explains why they might buy it; and we can all agree this is important!

Psychographics + Demographics 

Working in concert together, demographics and psychographics cover pretty much everything you need to know to help you efficiently advertise and market your dealership. You’ll know who the audience is … where they’re located … what makes them tick, so to speak … and what actually makes them decide to buy.

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Without complete information like this, we can confidently say you’re not getting the most out of your advertising budget. An automotive advertising agency like JKR can help ensure you have the right advertisement in front of the right people – at the right times. It is demographics and psychographics working together to achieve remarkable results!


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