You Need the Right Mix of Push and Pull Advertising

Push Pull AdvertisingPush and pull advertising are essential to automotive advertising success for a car dealership. Today, more than ever, this is the case. Before the dawn of Internet advertising, an automobile dealer ran his ads and then waited for prospective buyers to come to his dealership. Today, however, the automotive landscape has changed significantly. Before they come to your showroom, most customers have already spent time researching your dealership and products – and other dealerships and their products.

Regardless of what advertisements you choose to use (TV, radio, Internet, print, direct mail, etc.), they all fall into two categories – push and pull advertising.

Push Advertising

Push (also known as outbound) is an advertisement that motivates those not consciously in the market for your product to buy from you; hence, the term “push.” TV, cable and radio are all good examples of push.

Pull Advertising

Pull (also known as inbound) is the exact opposite of push. These particular advertisements “pull” customers who are actively shopping for your products or services into your dealership. Signs/logos, newspaper, Internet and a car dealer’s Web site are good pull examples.

Can you survive without both push and pull advertising? Maybe, but it is more difficult. After all, push advertising attracts those who don’t know about your dealership; and pull advertising helps you gain people who are interested, but are still researching what is out there for them.

Working in concert with each other, push and pull advertising delivers an enticing message to both groups of people.

Do You Have the Right Mix?

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