Radio Advertising Creative: Vital to a Successful Ad Campaign

Radio Advertising CreativeWhile radio advertising creative isn’t the only thing necessary to execute a successful automotive radio campaign, it certainly has a very important place. If done properly, the creative advertisement leaves a lasting positive impression and motivates listeners to purchase a car from that automotive dealership.

Statistics indicate that 77% of Americans listen to the radio every day … and that number climbs to 90% when attached to Americans who are employed. That’s a lot of potential customers! Over time, JKR has developed a winning formula to reach this immense audience, and as a result our radio advertising creative is the best in the business.

Radio Advertising Creative 101

There are five reasons American consumers buy cars in today’s marketplace. If one or more of these is subtracted from the radio ad, you could be opening the door for that customer to visit your competitor’s dealership down the street. (Do your ads contain information pertinent to the five reasons people buy cars? Do you know these reasons? If not, you should call us!)

There are also other things to remember when producing high-quality radio advertising creative for automotive dealers. For example, you have to understand radio. Because you don’t have visuals available as you would in a TV commercial, you need to adjust your thinking (and your message) accordingly.

It’s also important to remember your target audience. It should make a difference in how your commercials are written and produced. For example, a Kia dealership commercial should have a different “feel” to it than, say, a Lincoln ad.

Here’s another thing to think about: Should the dealer serve as his/her own spokesperson, or should a professional voice talent be hired? There is no cookie-cutter answer, because each situation is different. If the dealer comes across as sincere and believable and the delivery doesn’t seem “scripted,” they can be highly effective. If not, or if character voices are necessary, professionals should be brought in.

Finally, a worthwhile offer is almost a necessity. The key word here is “worthwhile.” Whatever you decide, it must be compelling enough to make the listeners respond; otherwise, it will not be effective radio advertising creative.

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