Radio Advertising for Automobile Dealers

Radio Advertising for Automobile DealersThe next several blogs will be focused on radio automotive advertising, and the best place to start is at the beginning … Why radio advertising for automobile dealers? Many decades of research cannot be ignored, and here’s everything in a nutshell.

First, radio advertising is cost-effective. It typically costs less than other forms of media. For now, that’s all we’ll say about this, as this is an entire topic deserving of its own blog.

Second, radio advertising for automobile dealers is intrusive … in a good way. It doesn’t matter where the audience goes, radio can reach them. In the car, at work, in the yard; you name it, radio goes there, too.

Third, radio reaches your audience when they’re going to buy something. The RAB Marketing Guide and Fact Book says 63% of 25-64 year-olds listen to radio within an hour of making their biggest purchase of the day. What if that purchase happens to be a car? Wouldn’t you want them to hear your dealership’s message at that time?

Fourth, radio is spectacular for getting to your target audience. Want to talk to a specific age group? How about a specific gender, or income/education level? You can do that with radio, because you know who’s listening to each specific radio station in your market.

Finally, you’d better be advertising somewhere! If not, you are certainly missing out on a tremendous opportunity. After all, many of today’s automotive customers are seeking great deals – and they seem to be more willing to switch brands to make that happen. If you’re not advertising, you not only lose out on obtaining your fair share of these customers … you also risk losing customers to the dealership down the street. Radio advertising can be the catalyst that sets your dealership’s growth in motion.

Why Radio Advertising for Automobile Dealers?

Not too shabby … an affordable way to advertise; a captive audience; an audience ready to buy; and a specific audience of people you want to target! So you ask, “Why Radio Advertising for Auto Dealers?” That’s why!

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