Radio Advertising Numbers for You to Think About

Radio Advertising NumbersNielsen, the National Automotive Dealers Association (NADA) and the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) have recently released some interesting radio advertising numbers that are worth looking at closely.

(1) Radio reaches 68% of US consumers age 12-plus on any given day. That means nearly 70% of Americans who can make some sort of purchase are listening to the radio on the way to work or school, in their homes, at work, and at a wealth of other locations. Isn’t this a great media source for an automotive dealer on which to advertise? The professionals at JKR Automotive Advertising work with their clients in many ways, making sure their message is being heard by the right people at the right time. 

(2) 244,457,000 Americans age 12-plus listen to the radio each week. A good number of them are in your area, and whether they know it or not, they’re the low-hanging fruit that can easily be persuaded to buy your cars when they’re in the market to buy.

(3) Despite the inroads in digital advertising (and we certainly believe there is a place for that), dealers are still spending about three-quarters of their advertising budgets on traditional media such as radio, TV, direct mail and newspaper. In fact, during the last decade, radio, TV and direct mail have all increased their share of this budget.

(4) About 84% of drivers cite radio as their primary in-car source of entertainment. Talk about a captive audience! Putting your message on the right station(s) to reach the people you want to reach is a tremendous example of “fishing where the fish are!”

(5) Radio retains more than 93% of its lead-in audience during commercial breaks. You can be confident that most listeners aren’t changing the station when commercials are being aired.

Radio Advertising Numbers are Eye-Opening

Those are some interesting radio automotive advertising numbers, indeed! When you combine that with the sheer affordability of radio advertisements when compared to other media sources, it makes radio a very attractive option. If you want the most effective, memorable radio advertisements in your area … and the lowest rates, too, take a moment and fill out the form on this page. You’ll get a FREE, no-strings-attached  Automotive Advertising Review that contains more automotive radio advertising numbers than you thought possible. We’ll even show you what your competition is paying for their ads … and that alone is well worth your time!