Some Interesting Radio Advertising Statistics

Radio Advertising StatisticsSometimes, we wonder how radio advertising statistics would be viewed today if radio wasn’t over 100 years old. In other words, we believe radio would be just about the hottest thing going if it was the shiny new form of advertising available to businesses such as auto dealerships.


Think about all the wonderful assets radio advertising has going for it; it’s portable, it’s intrusive, it’s exceptionally affordable, it creates a buzz, it typically makes people happy and most of all, it gets results! Today, we reveal some interesting radio advertising statistics that any automotive dealer should take to heart.



∙ 92% of Americans age 12-plus listen to radio each week. That’s an audience of more than 240 million people! (Eighty percent listen in their cars; another 25% listen while at work.)


∙ Because so many people listen to radio in their cars, radio reaches prospects closest to the point of purchase.


∙ As we’ve discussed in other blogs, radio is the ideal complement to other forms of media.


∙ Radio is the second-most powerful medium in the United States, reaching 59 percent of the country’s population each day.


∙ There are more than 6,000 radio stations across the country offering local, regional and national programming. That means you can target specific stations that your customers will likely be listening to.


∙ This recent Nielsen Catalina Solutions study shows radio is a powerful advertising tool. It was later supported by this article in Advertising Age.



An affordable way to advertise; a captive audience; an audience ready to buy; and a specific audience of people you want to target. This is just some of what you get when you choose radio! Call Eric Tigner today at (321) 397-0777. JKR offers a free automotive marketing review … let us show you how we’ll improve what you’re currently doing. You’ll be amazed at the valuable information you’ll receive when you ask for yours.


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