Radio Advertising: Still Relevant as Ever

Edison Research’s recent report has revealed that radio advertising is still relevant, despite the best efforts of some to try and tell you otherwise. Americans aged 13 and older spend a significant portion of their waking hours with radio, accounting for approximately one-fourth of their day. This newly released data is significant, as it offers a world of potential and opportunity for advertisers looking to tap into the audio space.

According to their Share of Ear data, an astonishing 84% of Americans 13 and older actively engage with some form of ad-supported audio every day. This category encompasses a wide range of platforms, with AM/FM radio continuing to reign as the dominant player. (Other ad-based audio options include podcasts, ad-based streaming services such as Spotify and Pandora, spoken-word channels on SiriusXM, and the free use of YouTube for music videos.)

In the US, 82% of this 13-and-up group is reached daily by this media source. This eye-opening statistic demonstrates the effectiveness of advertising on these platforms when it comes to connecting with a traditionally challenging audience. If the window of observation is extrapolated over a time frame, the reach of ad-supported audio is expected to expand even further. In fact, it is projected that over the span of a week or a month, this reach would exceed 90% of all Americans.

There’s no doubt: Advertisers should consider radio as an effective medium to reach a wide and diverse audience. Because of its extensive reach, frequency, immediacy, portability, targetability, emotional connection with the audience and historically proven track record, radio remains a crucial component of the advertising landscape. And that’s not going to change anytime soon.

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