Radio Advertising Works for Many Reasons

Radio Advertising WorksOne of the biggest reasons why radio advertising works so well is its portability. You can do just about anything or go almost anywhere, and a radio can go with you. It certainly isn’t limited to just your car and home. You can work out listening to the radio. You can shop while listening, too; you can even work in the yard. In short, it’s almost limitless.

Here is another reason why radio advertising works so beautifully: it is perhaps the most practical, functional form of advertising out there. Think about it: to see a newspaper ad, you must have the newspaper in your hand and must be giving your full attention to it. To take in a television or online advertisement, you need to be in front of the TV or computer screen. With radio advertising, you can be anywhere within the sound of the device and hear it just fine.

More About Why Radio Advertising Works

Radio is known as the “theater of the mind.” The listener’s mind creates the action in the commercial itself. Drawing from its years of experience and success, JKR Automotive Advertising understands the mind of a prospective car buyer. As a result, we produce radio advertisements that are not only entertaining and timely, they also say something! Our radio advertising works because we focus on the things that motivate listeners to buy cars.

When you find the right balance between creativity and identification, you have something special. Having only one of the two doesn’t cut it. Example: How many times have you watched an advertisement you thought was funny or informative, only to realize you can’t identify the actual advertiser? If that’s the case, how effective was this advertisement?

We’re Here to Help!

JKR’s clients don’t worry about such things. We create attention-grabbing commercials that resonate with your audience – so they will take action. To find out what JKR Automotive Advertising can do for your dealership, get the wheels in motion today by calling Eric Tigner at (321) 397-0777.

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