Radio and Automotive Advertising are an Ideal Match

Radio and Automotive AdvertisingThere are many great reasons why radio and automotive advertising are joined at the hip … and I’m not using this space to refer to live remotes, which have been an integral part of car dealers’ ad campaigns millions of times over the years. I’m talking specifically about the automotive dealership advertisements you hear on radio stations nationwide on an everyday basis.

Reasons They’re a Great Combo

Radio and automotive advertising make perfect sense for so many reasons.

According to Experian, slightly more than half of radio listening is done while the driver is in his/her automobile. Therefore, radio advertisers get the huge benefit of recency … which is defined as a consumer hearing a message right before they enter a place of business. Just think if that place of business is your dealership!

Radio is also a terrific demographic targeting tool. There’s no need for waste; you simply choose the stations that a prospective customer of your products and services would tune into.

Remember that old saying about word-of-mouth advertising being the best kind? That’s exactly what radio advertising is … only better, because you get to present your message to the masses your way!

The portability of radio means it can be taken almost anywhere – to work, to outdoor activities … you name it, radio can go there.

More than 84% of people see radio as their main source of in-car entertainment and information, and 2.5 million people age 12 and up listen to the radio each week. With those kinds of numbers combined with the portability and affordability of radio advertising, it’s no wonder radio and automotive advertising are a wonderful match.

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