Radio Attribution Study: Extreme Ad Value for Dealers

Known as the Automotive Radio Attribution Study, the recently compiled report conducted by LeadsRx and iHeartMedia revealed what we’ve known all along: Radio is one of the best ways for an automobile dealer to get the most out of their advertising dollars.


The two companies combined to execute the largest study ever conducted on automotive radio attribution, involving 19 major brands in 100 media markets across the United States. The data was collected between January 2018 and May 2019. Attribution data were analyzed on multiple media factors to provide actionable insights and recommendations.


Key Radio Attribution Findings


∙ Automotive advertisers earned an average 17% lift in website traffic as a direct result of radio marketing – and better still, it drives immediate response.


∙ Nearly 60 percent of all web visits attributed to radio marketing originate from new shoppers who had never previously visited the dealer’s website.


∙ There is a strong correlation between the tandem of reach and frequency. Running a radio spot at least 10 times per day using any mix of ad lengths, dayparts and days of the week leads to a twice-as-effective response rate.


∙ Dayparts, day of the week and ad length are all factors in the amount of response generated.


Anyone telling you radio is not a powerful way for an automobile dealer to advertise is simply not telling you the truth. Millions of people listen to radio each day, meaning market penetration is always very high. And for what you get – all that reach and frequency we mentioned earlier – radio is seen as all the more appealing because of its exceptional cost-effectiveness.



Just as with any retail business, an automobile dealer can most certainly reap these rewards when they advertise on radio. If you don’t believe us, just ask our clients who do; they’ll tell you! Once you’ve refined your ad rates, target audience, reach/frequency and creative, you’ll be amazed how quickly your marketing campaigns improve – and you will understand why radio advertising is such a great option.


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