Radio Automotive Advertising: Affordable for All Dealerships

Radio Automotive AdvertisingRadio Automotive Advertising has been a highly desirable method of advertising for our country’s car dealerships for many years. The same will be true well into the future.

There are many reasons of this, not the least of which is allowing a dealer to go after a targeted audience. This eliminates much of the waste, as a dealer therefore doesn’t have to spend part of his budget on a station whose listeners would have little or no interest in their products. 

Why Radio Automotive Advertising is Cost-Effective

We tailor each client’s advertising campaigns to fit their specific needs and budget. That’s why even the smallest-market dealerships on tight budgets can afford Radio Automotive Advertising. The key to getting the most affordable rates possible is working with an experienced automotive agency such as JKR Advertising & Marketing. We possess the software (SQAD) and media buying savvy necessary to make that happen.

Radio Automotive Advertising Cost Factors

Of course, pricing for Radio Automotive Advertising depends upon a number of factors, such as the length of a spot (usually 15, 30 or 60 seconds). The day part makes a difference, too. For example, commercials running in the early morning or late afternoon hours are typically the most expensive. They reach the largest number of listeners during these time frames.

Another major factor is frequency (the number of times a listener is exposed to your message). The more often the commercial runs, the less it usually costs. It’s your typical volume discount. Quite often, an auto dealership’s ads are run on multiple stations owned by the same group, which can also help keep prices down.

Lower prices mean the opportunity for greater frequency. Greater frequency equals more customers in a dealer’s showroom … and more customers equals more sales and a better bottom line.

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