Radio Marketing Study Supports Advertising on the Airwaves

Radio Marketing StudyA recent radio marketing study published in Advertising Age yielded some interesting, eye-opening results. Sponsored by Clear Channel, the study comes from Nielsen Catalina Solutions, and combines data from Nielsen’s audience measurement company with Catalina’s shopper-card figures.

Despite the major inroads into advertising made by the Internet, radio won the day. The data demonstrated a lift in sales of more than $6 for every dollar spent on radio advertising. This is a return on investment that’s more than double the best results of any other media study. 

Radio Marketing Study Results

The radio marketing study results were presented in New York at the Advertising Research Foundation’s Re:Think 2014 conference. Despite being the major sponsor, Clear Channel had no input into the data’s results. The study gave 14,000 individuals Portable People Meters to track their listening habits – and Catalina then tracked their retail purchases.

In one particular case of note, a certain brand of snack food spent $1.5 million on a radio campaign. From that campaign, they generated $10.8 million in sales – an amazing $7.18 ROI. While this is just one study and therefore cannot be called the norm, it is certainly worth taking a closer look and finding out more!

Why is there such a high return on investment for radio advertisements? According to the radio marketing study, the chief reason is that radio commercials are very affordable when compared to other media sources. Another reason could be that people have a certain attachment to their favorite radio stations, meaning they don’t “channel surf” when it’s time for a commercial break – and the audience – by virtue of the station’s genre – has already been segmented for you. Let’s also not forget that radio commercials can be produced very quickly and cost-effectively.

JKR Makes Radio Advertising Easy

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