Being Real About Q1 2017

It’s time to be real about the automotive industry’s first quarter of 2017. For each of the past nine years, numbers of new-car sales in the United States have been higher than the year previous. And now, just because 2017’s forecasted sales figure is expected to be about two percent lower than 2016, some folks would have you believe the sky is falling.


But here’s the truth: Even at a slightly lower number from 2016, this will still be one of the historically best-ever years for new automobile sales! (Note: You didn’t think the sales numbers would continue climbing forever, did you? They had to level out at some point.)


Some Real Numbers

Yes, first-quarter sales were down 1.6 percent from the same period last year. Yes, incentive spending is up. And yes, the average new vehicle now takes about 70 days to sell, which is the highest number in about a decade.


But on the flip side, in the first 13 selling days of April, the average new-car transaction price was $31,380, an increase of $152 from a year ago. And while 17.5 million new vehicles were sold last year, April 2017 forecasts estimate about 17 million (maybe even a little more) being sold this year. Those are real numbers – and that is still a LOT of cars!


So instead of lamenting that the greatest days are behind us and being satisfied with posting numbers just below your all-time records, why not tilt the playing field in your favor, so you’re moving forward with momentum while the other guys fight an uphill battle? You don’t have to settle for “pretty good” when you can continue being fantastic.


Imagine being able to return your focus to your customers and employees instead of worrying about finding time to advertise. Further, how great would it be to know your advertisements are the most interesting in the market; and best of all, your ad rates are also the lowest?


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