Your Recall Reaction Makes the Difference for the Customer

Recall ReactionWhat has been your recall reaction? When the onslaught of vehicle recalls reached record numbers in 2014, Americans were stunned. As time has gone by, the amount of vehicles falling under this category has continued to rise.


There was a time not so long ago in which a customer might have been a bit more outraged having to come to their local dealership to deal with a recall; today, however, it’s become much more accepted. In the 1970s and 1980s, four out of 10 GM buyers said a recall would alter their next new-vehicle selection. By 2004, that number had shrunk to 16 percent; and today, it’s less than seven percent.


As a dealer, if you adopt the right mindset and consider it another opportunity to interact one-on-one with them, you might find that this is the perfect chance to gain a regular, satisfied service customer.


Replacing defective parts should not be done by a nameless, faceless person who’s just doing their job. Instead, these customers should be shown exceptional care by someone who has their best interest at heart.


Even if the corporate brand image is a little dented by a recall, it’s a great chance to bolster your own reputation at the local level. Keep that in mind as you continue dealing with the record number of recalls that occur regularly these days and you may find yourself with a whole new set of brand ambassadors for your service department – but only if you have the proper recall reaction.



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