Lasting Relationships Mean More Sales to Auto Dealerships

Relationships Mean More SalesPositive relationships mean more sales in the automotive world. It makes perfect sense; just think about how the automotive world parallels your life. The healthy relationships you have are based on commitment and trust; and when the relationship is as good as it can be, it strengthens over time.


Do you absolutely need a relationship with a customer to sell them a car? Of course not, but it certainly helps – and it makes them much more willing to come back and buy from you again and again. If you really focus on treating the customer well, they’ll also wind up establishing a relationship with their service advisor, and maybe even the person at the parts counter (if the customer is a “do-it-yourselfer).” When a customer is well-known to multiple people at your dealership, chances are your staff has done a great job with relationship building.


I recently interviewed a Fixed Operations Director from a Midwest Kia dealership who completely gets the concept that positive relationships mean more sales. He told me, “It’s the sales department that sells a customer their first car, but it’s the service department that sells them their second, third and fourth cars … and so on. When you build relationships with your customers, it makes a huge difference. The customer enters the service department with the feeling that they’re coming to see friends.”


There it is! When a customer like that is ready for his/her second or third car, where do you suppose they will go to buy it? Where will they go for parts and service? The answer is obvious: the way a dealership’s internal operations are run can supercharge a store’s bottom line, but only if its personnel is interested in developing those relationships.


JKR’s advertisements and overall marketing strategies set the table for our clients every day. But what you do with your customers once they’ve arrived at your dealership is entirely up to you and your staff. So remember, place a special emphasis on always creating a positive experience with every customer, thereby creating lasting relationships with them.

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