Make Customers Remember Your Dealership

RememberWhen you ask most people what makes them remember a certain commercial, you’ll hear some of the same core answers almost every time. Today, we discuss a few of these popular choices in detail and why they are so effective.


Let’s begin with perhaps the most obvious one: humor. This is an effective route to go because a bit of hilarity gets the consumer’s attention through the use of entertainment as opposed to being “sold” or “pitched” by a more serious ad.


Another popular response would be the use of a well-known individual or group as the company “pitchperson(s)”. It could be a national or local celebrity – or in the case of an auto dealership, it could be the consistent use of a spokesperson that may or may not be the actual dealer.


We certainly can’t forget the catchy jingle or slogan (tagline), because this is another great way to help consumers remember you. The basic premise of the advertising jingle is that, after it’s heard again and again, it will result in product recall. The combination of an unforgettable jingle and ample repetition is a winning one!


All of the above examples have one thing in common: they bring about emotion. To cut through the clutter, emotion is often used by the best advertisers. As long as the emotion doesn’t take the consumer’s attention away from why the ad was produced in the first place (in this case, to sell cars at YOUR dealership), a well-executed emotional ad helps bring customers in – and they will remember you!



The old saying, win the heart and the mind will follow is absolutely true. That’s why JKR’s clients count on us each month to produce ads that will be remembered … for all the right reasons. We also know each dealership has its own unique set of customers (and potential customers), so we know how to advertise accordingly; and we never take our eyes off the key things that make people buy automobiles. Call Eric Tigner today at (321) 397-0777, and he’ll tell you how JKR Automotive Advertising can jump-start your advertising and marketing efforts.


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