What’s Your Store’s Reputation Worth?

ReputationHow much is your dealership reputation worth to you as a business owner? A lot! The country’s largest companies spend millions to uphold their images, and for good reason. Of course, a local car dealership doesn’t need to spend nearly that much, but much like the big guys, it does pay to get outside help to ensure the best possible presentation of your dealership to your community.


We’ve seen the work of many auto dealerships who do their own advertisements, and quite often you can tell that something is lacking in these productions; in fact, it usually isn’t all that difficult to point them out when you see or hear them. It could be poor production quality, ineffective copy or even the delivery of the spokesperson. Whatever the case, when these things occur, a dealership is not doing what it should to uphold a stellar reputation and image in their markets. Remember, it’s what your customers think about your dealership … not what you think!


Here’s something else to consider: A good reputation is built over a long period of time, yet it can be destroyed in practically no time! One or two really bad decisions can severely damage something that took years to put in place. Having an experienced strategic partner can help you avoid errors like this.

The Reputation Savers

What’s the moral of this blog? You need an automotive advertising agency to help you. Why? Because it’s far better to work with a team of industry specialists than doing everything yourself! But be advised, not all advertising agencies are the same. Only an experienced, knowledgeable agency like JKR understands automotive advertising isn’t a one-size-fits-all endeavor, so we design custom advertising campaigns that bring success to each client – and most of all, uphold a dealership’s reputation in its media market.


New clients are always amazed at the immediate impact JKR makes, and you will be, too! You’ll enjoy reduced ad rates and a significant uptick in sales. You’ll also appreciate the extra time that’s created because you’re not spending it on your media buy. That means more time to do what you do best – sell cars!


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